Zippered Wristlet from Selvages

Zippered Wristlet

I have a 3-day weekend to myself and got some sewing done. I made this little wristlet pouch from selvages. I didn’t take any pictures of the sewing process. I’m just horrible like that. I wanted something small enough to hold my cellphone various debit, credit, store cards when I’m not wearing pants… with pockets in them. Gotcha, didn’t I. LOL

Basically, it’s a quilt-as-you-go technique. I spray basted a piece of cotton batting to a piece of light colored fabric scrap. Then I started sewing selvages on the right side of the pouch panel, overlapping as I moved to the left. I like to leave some of the color from the fabric exposed so it doesn’t show just the pantones and writing. Showing some of the fabric makes a more colorful and interesting finished article.

  • I cut the batting and backing pieced 8″ x 6″. There are two sections, front and back.
  • I sewed the selvages vertically because I had a lot of short pieces. With longer ones, you can also go horizontally, starting at the bottom and working your way up.
  • When I was finished quilting the selvages, I trimmed both front and back sections down to 7.5″ x 5.5″.
  • I cut two pieces of lining to 7.5″ x 5.5″
  • I used a 7″ zipper and trimmed the tails off the end with the zipper stop to shorten it. Next time I’ll chop another 1/2″ off.
  • I sewed tabs onto both ends of the zipper. I guess they were about 1″ long.
  • I squared off the bottom of the pouch and lining so it form a box end about 1″ wide.
  • Somewhere along the line, I sewed in a loop and a D-ring. The loop was some Moda twill I had saved from a layer cake.
  • I pieced together short scraps of selvage to form the wrist strap.
  • I got both the D-rings and the spring closure from Joann’s. (Make sure you buy that stuff with a coupon so you don’t pay their inflated prices.)

HUGE TIP I:  On the zipper installing, I didn’t do any pinning. Instead, I ran a thin line of Elmer’s School Glue along the edge of the zipper then hit it with a dry iron. I learned that trick from a YouTube glue basting quilting video. OMG! It worked like a charm. That zipper didn’t slip at all during sewing. I did it on both sides of the zipper for the quilted part and the lining.

HUGE TIP II:  If you have a problem with the lining stretching while sewing, make sure you cut it parallel to the selvage side of the your fabric. That’s the warp. It doesn’t stretch. If you cut the long side of your lining with the weft (or woof), it’s going to stretch.

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