Too Much Quilting Wine? NOT!

So what happened? I closed the lid on the quesadilla maker, then glanced down at the plate to see I had left over parts. I had forgotten to put the second tortilla on top. I’ll spare you the language that was used when I opened the lid on this thing. Lesson learned? It’s ok to drink wine while quilting, but do not attempt to cook.

Quesadilla...nailed it.

Late night quesadilla making – Nailed it!

Oh, but wait, there’s more. After cruising through the living room this morning, I found the plate on the floor next to my Lazy Boy. WTF is all that red stuff? Now that one really stumped me. I thought I had the left over spaghetti, but no, that didn’t make sense because I had it in a pasta bowl, not a plate. *LIGHT BULB MOMENT* I remembered. I slathered it in Sriracha and devoured that evil spawn.

Sriracha'd quesadilla plate

When used without quilting wine, these quesadilla makers are the bees knees. Love them.

  • Plug it it and wait for the light to turn green. That means is now hot enough.
  • Lay the bottom tortilla, centered in the middle, evenly spread the cheese, ADD THE TOP TORTILLA, sheesh.
  • Close and latch the lid. The light will turn red.
  • When the light turns green again, unplug the unit and remove a perfect quesadilla.
  • Boom! Bob’s your uncle.

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