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Scrappy String Quilt Project

Scrapy String Baby Quilt

Sometimes I have a need to sew, but I don’t know what to make so I just make UFO’s. The other day I saw this gorgeous scrappy stripped-piece purse (shown below) and fell in love with the scrapiness. AmandaJean strips beautifully, wouldn’t you say? Stuff a dollar in that lady’s purse!  I tend to use florals when stripping, but I wanted something bright and bold for a change. I also like her vertical quilting. That’s how I quilt the tote bags I make, but I do wavy lines so I don’t need to be anal about straight lines.

Scrapy string purse

I decided to use AJ’s purse for inspiration. I already had my scraps out for making hexies… another one of my gotta-sew-but-don’t-know-what-to-make projects. I started making strip sets about 14″ long. It’s easier to handle in short lengths. It also doesn’t commit me to any specific block size. My cut strip pieces are nothing shorter than 5″ long and I try to keep them between 1″ and nothing more that 1-1/2″ wide. Anything wider and it looks less strippy and more blocky.

Last night I laid them out on the floor and I was really surprised that it looked pretty decent. I was worried I’d have too much repetition in the fabrics because this is truly a scrap project. I didn’t go out and buy anything new.

Scrap strip set layout

This is going to be a baby quilt. I’m going to add an 8th row and trim each set to 4-1/2″ wide. That will make a finished 32″ wide piece. Oh, but wait…

Instead of sewing all the strip sets together, I’m going to put a bright red 1″ (finished) sashing between each vertical row and add a 1″ border. That will make it 41″ wide and that’s perfect for a full WOF backing.

Here’s someone else that used red sashing on their string quilt. It frames all those colors perfectly.

String quilt with red sashing

UPDATE: January 29, 2013

I finished the quilt this weekend, then washed it. Turned out nice. Very colorful. I get stuck staring at it.

For Sale

This quilt is now up for sale on eBay. Click here to view the listing: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=181070911625

Scrapy String Baby Quilt

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