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Scrappy Brick Quilt Stash Buster

Bonnie K Hunter Fun With Bricks

This Scrappy Brick Quilt is a great way to use up scraps. Or do like me, buy more fabric to make some new scraps. And then I wonder why my scrap quilts never put a dent in my scrap pile. LOL Just because something has a lot of different fabric in it, doesn’t always make it a scrap buster, if the pieces are too small, however, this quilt will do it. The rails are narrow which allows for the best use of fabric.

Simple brick layouts come together quickly, but unless you have a perfectly planned color scheme, scrap quilts can get a little too busy and mooshy with no resting place for the eyes.

I saw this scrappy brick quilt this morning that uses white blender prints between the bricks. WOW! It really makes those colors pop, no matter what kind of scraps you’re using. Plus, those light colored blocks can even BE your color scheme. This quilt is also framed it perfectly with the two borders.

I’ve been reviewing my Pinterest quilting pins for ideas for a new baby quilt, but I’ve had a hard time finding something that’s goes together quickly AND has visual impact.

This is the perfect project for all my color coordinated and theme categorized bins of scraps. I’ve also been making fussy cut 5″ squares that would work as a perfect substitution for a few of the rail blocks. I can’t wait to get started.

Scrappy Brick Quilt

Bonnie K Hunter’s ‘Fun With Bricks’

Tumbling Blocks Quilt – Work in Progress

Tumbling Blocks work in progress made with Accuquilt GoBaby

I’ve always wanted to tackle a tumbling blocks quilt, but two things stopped me: ‘Y’ seams and cutting all those diamonds.

I have both an GO! Fabric Cutter and an GO! Baby Fabric Cutter.  I ordered the 4″ diamond die and it arrived this past week. I took Friday off of work so I could be with it.

I wanted the 3D effect for my blocks. The top diamond is light, the lower right diamond is medium and the lower left one is the darkest. I had a blast auditioning fabrics from my stash and found several prints I didn’t even remember having that I can use for other projects.

I’m in love with this block. It goes together so fast and ‘Y’ seams are nothing to be afraid of. Sew 1/4″ seams, start 1/4″ from the beginning and stop 1/4″ from the end. At first I was marking dots on the fabric, but once I got into it, I just eyeballed it.

My GO! Baby really made simple work of it. I cut the recommended 6 layers at a time.

4″ Diamond Die Dimensions

It’s called a 4″ diamond die. Each unfinished side of the diamond is 4″. The actual cutting pad (dark foam portion) is 3-1/2″ wide and 10″ long. So I made sure my fabric was at least 4″ x 10.5″ at the very least.


It’s an absolute must to iron the fabric before cutting. Get all the wrinkles smoothed out. I also hit it with some heavy spray starch to stiffen it up. That worked out really well. It kept the fabric from stretching.

I haven’t decided how big I’m going to make this quilt. I was thinking about a lay on the couch TV-watching throw size. Click on the image for a close-up view.

Tumbling Blocks work in progress made with Accuquilt GoBaby

Why I Like Pinterest for Quilting Ideas

While I didn’t find this quilting article on Pinterest, I’m going to post it there so others are inspired, too. I get soooo much quilting inspiration from Pinterest.

I found this quilt on Cluck Cluck Sew. I subscribe to Allison Harris’ email updates. Allison can work wonders with fabric. If you’re not already signed up, DO IT!

I know this quilt uses a Briar Rose fabric bundle, but the reason why I am so inspired by this quilt is because it proves that you can do anything with scraps of different sizes. If you’ve been saving scraps in squares and rectangles and wondering how to piece them together, get your inspiration on with this quilt. Don’t even cut those blocks to size. Use those odd shapes for the center block and fill out the rest of the block to approximate size with skinny to wide strips of another fabric. Then trim the block to size. It’s the ultimate stash/scrap buster.

Oh, oh, oh! I’ve been saving a bunch of fabrics with images on them to fussy cut for a Polaroid quilt for my grandson. So cute, but so much work. I think I’ll use them to make Allison’s quilt instead. That way I don’t have to trim the images and that saves me from wasting so much of a beautiful print.

Briar Rose - Cluck Cluck Sew

Click here to visit this quilt.


Sashed Block in Block Quilt

Block in block qquilt block with sashing

I love block in block (or square in square) quilts. It’s somewhat theraputic sitting in front of the TV watching back to back episodes of “House Hunters” while making the blocks. I’m excited about the the thin sashing strips because they add another layer of dimension, give the eyes a resting spot between fabric changes and look professionally finished like a well-tailored suit.

I’ve got a stash of Christmas fabric I’ve been saving. This technique would be perfect for this quilt block.

Join me in watching this new tutorial from Jenny at Missouri Star Quilt Co.


Don’t Cut That Large Scale Fabric

I have it in my stash and you prolly do to… uncut large scale yardage that’s too beautiful to chop up. Aside from knowing that I have it and I can look at it every now and then, it doesn’t do any good sitting on the shelf behind closed doors.

Drum roll, puleez… here’s a project that’s perfect for all that yardage. This gorgeous duvet displays those large scale cuts in all the glory they deserve. If you’re not up to making something this large, just reduce the width of the borders to make a quilt. I am definately going to put this project on the top of my sewing list.

The author (Noodlehead) has called it a Panel Quilt and it’s pure genious. Time to put those beautiful cuts to work.

Panel Quilt from Noodlehead