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How to Patch Holes in Kids’ Pants

Holes in knees of pants

My 10 year old grandson loves holes in the knees of his pants. He says they keep his legs cool. He runs a little on the warm side. He refuses to where P.J.’s to bed and only sleeps in his boxers because he can’t stand being hot.

Yet at the same time, I’m pretty sure he’s thinking to himself, “These holes are cool. I have the cojones to wear them and I don’t give a darn what everyone else thinks.”

He’s been using his holey pants for yard work (he has lawn mowing jobs), but his mom got tired of him looking like he got attacked by zombies and wanted to throw them out. He said, “No! Keek knows how to patch holes.” That picture above is a pair of his “work pants”.

With so much fabric missing, I couldn’t just stitch the holes shut. I need some reinforcement fabric from the inside. That’s when I remembered this money fabric I had stashed for about 8 years. The boy is obsessed with money so I knew he’d love it.

Money fabric

Only thing is, how was I going to sew it on? A machine wasn’t going to work. So I cut a section of fabric to cover the hole and then fused strips of Pellon 805 Fusible Wonder Under to the front of money fabric and made an iron-on patch, ironing it on from the inside of the hole.

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Then to make sure the fabric wouldn’t rip off, I embroidered Jack Skellington stitches to hold it on.


Here’s the finished project.

Patched up pants