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Does ebates really give you money back?

Combining ebates and Amazon Prime has been a match made in shopping heaven for me. If you shop online, you might buy from the same sites over and over like I do. My Amazon Prime account is my go to site, but, I don’t always take for granted that Amazon has the lowest prices. I absolutely do shop around. Other sites may have lower prices, but pay attention to their shipping charges.  What may be the lowest prices is negated after shipping is slapped on. The reason I signed up was because Christmas was coming up and I buy lots of present on Amazon anyway, but hate paying shipping. Amazon Prime has a free 30-day trial so I figured I’d get all my Christmas shipping done on their dime. When the 30-day trial was over, I remained a member. The membership price was completely worth the price of admission.

I bought my Singer serger from Amazon. Not only did I get free shipping, I also got a WAY better deal that a Joann’s sale could ever give me.

With Amazon Prime you don’t just get free 2-day shipping, you also get free Amazon Prime videos. I have a Netflix account, but Amazon also has movies that Netflix doesn’t. I also get free Amazon Prime Music. I can pick what I want to listen to, fast-forward or skip altogether. My Pandora account doesn’t allow that. I also get free Kindle books with Prime Reading.

Enter ebates

Now about ebates.  I thought ebates was something new, but it’s been around since 1998! Long story short, they are affiliated with over 2,000 stores and pay rebates when you purchase from those stores. For instance, I’m going to shop at Amazon regardless, so why not get some money back? With the ebates browser extension, it will let you know when you’re on one of their affiliated stores.  You just click the notification to enable the rebate. If you buy off-line at brick and mortar stores, you can also use the ebates app on your smartphone to get rebates. And yes, ebates really does pay you cash back. I’ve received two payments from them already. Oh, and the payment threshold is a low $10 so you don’t have to wait forever to accumulate enough to get paid.

In Summary

Sign up for a free 30-day Amazon Prime trial.
Sign up for a free ebates rebate account.

Is Amazon Prime Really Worth the Yearly Fee?

Just before Thanksgiving of 2015, I signed up for an Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial. I buy a ton of stuff from Amazon and thought the free shipping with 2-3 day deliveries, some even on the SAME day, would save me money in shipping costs for Christmas presents. I was a little hesitant because the membership is $99/year, but with 30 days free, I’d get all my Christmas shopping done with free shipping and if I didn’t see the benefit, I would cancel it.

Even with non-holiday shopping there were countless times I didn’t buy the items I wanted because shipping costs just wasn’t worth it. I abandoned so many things in my shopping cart.

And now it’s over a year later and I can answer the question, “Is Amazon Prime really worth the yearly fee?” The answer is a very loud YES! it’s totally worth it. This is a little embarrassing, but I just looked at my order history for 2016. I placed 44 orders! In 2015 I had 22 orders and roughly half of them were during my trial period.


  • FREE shipping on Prime listings and that’s a TON of items.
  • 2-3 day delivery
  • 1 day delivery if you shop on the Amazon Prime site.


  • You’ll shop more than ever before, but hey, you’ll get FREE shipping!
  • Not all items sold on Amazon are part of Prime.  Just look for the little Prime logo.
  • Not all Prime items come with 1-day delivery. It depends on whether a warehouse near you stocks the item.

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