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Fabio Viviani Patchwork Quilt Pattern

Fabio Viviani

Fabio Viviani On Your Bed

Fabio Viviani mmmm… who doesn’t love Italian men? I’m a huge fan of Fabio’s simple Italian cooking style. Check him out on Kitchen Academy and Chow Ciao. Not only are his dishes easy and tasty, he’ll have you ROTF in stitches.

And who wouldn’t want to crawl underneath this gorgeous hunk on your bed? Now you can go to bed with Fabio every night when you make this block and half-square triangle quilt.

Download this free PDF project sheet below.

Fabio Viviani… BOOM!

Fabio Viviani Patchwork Quilt Pattern

Download Here:

Fabio Viviani Patchwork Quilt Pattern


Free Printable 1″ Hexie Template

Suckie hexie template

All of the printable hexie templates I’ve seen online for quilting are designed wrong. They nest them together so they cover the complete page. Yes, that’s a lot of hexies, but it also means you have to cut each one out individually. Here’s a picture of a suckie hexie template.

Well, heck, that’s not what SewQuickly is all about. I wanted a template that I could cut apart with a rotary cutter. So I cracked open my graphics editor and started designing. Depending upon the size of the hexie, I get more or fewer of them per page.

Here’s the 1″ hexie pattern I came up with. That’s 1″ on each side and 2″ across the widest part. The download link is at the bottom of this page.

Better Hexie Layout

You’ll notice that now I can use my rotary cutter to neatly slice each row apart horizontally, making a total of five slices. After each row is separated, then I can use my scissors to snip off the little triangle sections. They cut up very quickly. Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ about… SewQuickly!

You can also cut the rows diagonally and only cut off one triangle tip to create gems. Or leave the tips on and make diamonds.

After they are cut apart, I use a paper punch to punch a hole in the middle of each one. The hole serves two purposes; 1) pinning the template to the fabric and 2) poking a pointed tool into the hole for easy removal of the template paper after the hexies are sewn together. If the throat on your paper punch won’t reach the middle, it’s all good. Just punch a hole as far as it will reach.

Pinning hexie to fabric


I started basting the hexies like just about everyone else does, where the long stitches show on the outside of the fabric. I think it looks messy. So I started doing it on the inside (under the fabric, but on top of the paper) to hide them. After the template is removed, the stitches will be buried between the two layers of fabric. Much cleaner. I’m just anal like that.

Basting hexies

I’ve been stuffing them in empty check boxes.

My hexies

Paper Selection

I suggest printing them using a laser printer instead of a inkjet. If you use an inkjet and spill your glass of quilting wine, the ink will bleed onto your fabric. Laser toner doesn’t bleed. I print them on card stock fed through the manual paper feeder tray. I bought a ream of it from Staples years ago for some other project. It’s 110 pound weight. So when you print them, select the correct paper type from your printer’s properties.


DO NOT scale the template to fit the page. I’ve already designed it so it prints at 100% scale. If you shrink it, the hexies won’t be 1″ on each side.

DO print in landscape mode.

Free Printable – 1″ Hexie Template .PDF

  1. You are allowed to print as many templates as you like for your own personal or commercial use.
  2. You may put a link on your webpage to this blog post so others can download it.
  3. You can Pin this page so it goes viral and becomes wildly popular.
  4. You may NOT offer MY .PDF file for download on your website. Like I said, link to this page, don’t steal my file.

Download Here:

Download it here: 1″ Hexie Template Download

Download it here:  3/4″ Hexie Template Download

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