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Dresden Plate Projects

EZ Dresden ruler template

Dresden Plate Ideas

I received my EZ Quilting 882700 Easy Dresden Quilt Tool Set this past Saturday. (Hint: Take an emery board or fine sandpaper and smooth out all the edges of the bamboo tool. This will prevent slivers in the fingers. Ouch!)

I’ve never sewn dresdens before, but I have so many ideas floating around in my head. One of them is to create a candle mat adapted from this Christmas table runner. I also want to do some tote bags with 1/4 circles (dresden fans).

Dresden Plate Inspiration

Here are a few good tutorials I’d like to share with you.

  • Missouri Star Quilting Co. video – Jenny cuts them from charm pack (5″ x 5″) squares. If you do a full 5″, you can get 2 blades from each charm.
  • BloomAndBlossom – This is a slick way of getting 3 blades from a charm. Just cut them 3-3/4″ instead of the full 5″.
  • StitcheryDickoryDoc – Amy Gibson,  a Craftsy instructor, has an great free tutorial on 5″ blades. By the way, have you signed up for Amy’s 2012 block of the month class? It’s free.
  • Lurline – I love Lurline’s strip-pieced version with Kaffe Fassett fabrics.
  • MamaLovesQuilts – Alternate the direction of the blades to stack them vertically for sort of a tumbling block/string quilt effect.
  • Sew Sew Go – Here’s another runner version with sashing between the blades. I like this one, too.
  • Geta’s Quilting Studio – Geta’s modern version is my favorite. Check out her entire blog. This lady is incredibly talented.
  • The Way I Sew It – Here’s another string version, but with varying fabric widths for a really scrappy look. It’s a table mat. Could also be used for a candle mat, flower pot or vase mat. Sew cute!
  • Annabel’s Orchard – Very creative 1/2 plate dresdan. Butterflies are the perfect inspiration for layout ideas. I really like this. You can also do a version with 4 to 5 blades on each side with an appliqued butterfly body in the middle.

Geta's Dresden Plate

If I find more inspiration, I’ll post links. If you know of any more or you’ve made a cool dresden project, leave a comment and share your inspiration.

Dresden Plate Christmas Table Runner

Christmas Table Runner

What the Heck is a Dresden Plate?

I know what a Dresden Plate quilting design is. (Dresden Fan, if you’re not doing a full 360 degree design.) I kinda figured that it was named after some fancy pants dinner plate from the Old World. It is, but there’s more to it than that.

Dresden is a town in Germany and Dresden porcelain refers to period style of porcelain made in the 18th century by several companies around Dresden. There are figurines, urns and yes, even fancy pants dinnerware. Here’s a good example of ornate Dresden on eBay. I really like the reticulated pieces.

Ever since I saw this Dresden plate Christmas table runner, I knew I had to get a template ruler and give it a shot. I love the way the candles make it glow and how the circular plate pattern echos it. I think that’s why I’m fascinated by it. I don’t have the need for a runner, but I will make one plate block and use it for a candle rug. I’ve got a tons of Christmas prints I can use. I also have a lot of metallic fabrics that I think/hope would glow nicely, too.

Dresden Plate Christmas Table Runner

Here’s the dresden template tool I had to order. Couldn’t find any fabric store near me that had one. It should arrive any day. Can’t wait.

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