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Android Alarm Clock Didn’t Go Off Again

Android alarm clock didn't go off

I have an LG G2 cellphone and I love it, however this morning was the second time my alarm didn’t go off.  I did some Googling about it and this time hit the jackpot.  Long story short, I had used the Advanced Task Killer app to kill a bunch of apps just before I went to bed.  It killed the alarm app, too.

Short story long, unless you’re running apps that are poorly coded, Android apps normally don’t eat up resources like apps on Windows computers so you end up killing apps that shouldn’t be killed.  I won’t try to paraphrase what the article I found on Lifehacker explained.  It does a very good and simple job on its own.

So if your “alarm clock is not working”, click here to find out why your Android alarm clock didn’t go off and why you should not use Android task killer apps.

UPDATE: Jan 23, 2015 – It went off 10 minutes late AGAIN, as if it had been snoozed.  I found another problem on the LG G2.  It relates to having “OK Google” enabled from any screen.  Go into Settings > Language & Input > Google Voice typing > Click the gear icon to its right > Click “Ok Google” Detection > Turn off “From any screen”.  Here’s more information about it.