Removing Candle Wax from Containers

Easily remove candle wax

From time to time I come across something mind-blowing that has nothing to do with sewing that I’d like to share with others. So I created a new category on this blog called… Nothing To Do With Sewing!

I make my own candles and candle melts, but I use palm or soy wax. Both are natural, non-petroleum waxes and they clean up easily with hot water and soap. But every now and then I purchase a paraffin candle because I can’t resist the fragrance.

Paraffin wax doesn’t clean up with hot water and soap. If you’ve every tried scraping paraffin candle butts (my kids affectionately call the tail end of anything a butt), out of a glass container, you know how messy it is. I’ve even broken glass jars trying to do it.

Last night I wanted to remove a 1/2 burned votive candle from the glass votive holder. I got the knife and reached for the candle and said, “Self, you know how this is going to turn out. Don’t do it.” Instead, I stuck in the freezer for 15 minutes. Then took it out and slipped a steak knife between the wax and the glass and that bad boy completely POPPED RIGHT OUT! WooHoo! That’s a picture of it above.


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