Quilting Inspiration – Fast and Easy Basic Quilt Layout

Bluebird Park Quilt

I’m putting this quilt on my “To Do” list because it gave me the quilting inspiration to turn it into something slightly different. Similar, but not quite the same. More like rhyming.

When I saw it, the light bulbs in my brain exploded like fireworks. That’s how I know it’s going on my list to become one of my favorite quilt layouts because the possibilities are endless. Here are a few of my thoughts.

  • It’s highly adaptable to horizontal or vertical layout.
  • And since it’s in rows, rows can be different widths just by varying the square-in-square block size.
  • The longer strips between the blocks can also be of varying widths and number.
  • Adapts well to an explosion of color or staying within a color scheme.
  • It’s oh so scrap buster friendly.
  • It’s quilt-as-you-go (QAYG) friendly. Also, the back can be as interesting as the front making it reversible.
  • Fast and easy basic quilt layout.
  • The perfect Charity Quilt.

You can see the original Jessica’s Bluebird Park Baby Quilt here. Thank you, Jessica!

I don’t like quilting projects with too many pieces unless they go together quickly, like my red scrappy string/coin quilt. It’s the type of mindless sewing where I drag my sewing table to the middle of the living room and watch all my DVR recordings and Netflix instant watch list and then complain, “Why in the heck did they cancel that series?  I loved it!”

Ok, back to this quilt. I love the simplicity of it, yet it’s interesting. And best of all, it sews up quickly. And even bester of all, it’s a prime candidate for a QAYG project.

Here is a 4-part Youtube series from Candy Glendening on how I do my QAYG projects with no sashing. I used that method for a quilt I did for my daughter and I loved how quickly it went. I did mine with a walking foot and wavy lines because I suck at free-motion quilting.

I hope you these ideas and quilt layout to your quilting inspiration list.


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