Why I Like Pinterest for Quilting Ideas

While I didn’t find this quilting article on Pinterest, I’m going to post it there so others are inspired, too. I get soooo much quilting inspiration from Pinterest.

I found this quilt on Cluck Cluck Sew. I subscribe to Allison Harris’ email updates. Allison can work wonders with fabric. If you’re not already signed up, DO IT!

I know this quilt uses a Briar Rose fabric bundle, but the reason why I am so inspired by this quilt is because it proves that you can do anything with scraps of different sizes. If you’ve been saving scraps in squares and rectangles and wondering how to piece them together, get your inspiration on with this quilt. Don’t even cut those blocks to size. Use those odd shapes for the center block and fill out the rest of the block to approximate size with skinny to wide strips of another fabric. Then trim the block to size. It’s the ultimate stash/scrap buster.

Oh, oh, oh! I’ve been saving a bunch of fabrics with images on them to fussy cut for a Polaroid quilt for my grandson. So cute, but so much work. I think I’ll use them to make Allison’s quilt instead. That way I don’t have to trim the images and that saves me from wasting so much of a beautiful print.

Briar Rose - Cluck Cluck Sew

Click here to visit this quilt.


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