Embroidery Hoop Craft Project

Embroidery Hoop Craft from Polka Dot Chair

Any time of year is a good time to make seasonally themed craft projects, but this time of year is especially fun. School starts, autumn will soon be here with its colorful displays. Then comes Thanksgiving, winter snowflakes, and Christmas.

I used to hang up the same old fall-themed wall decoration year after year, as cute as it was, but I gave it to one of my daughters a few years ago so my grandson could enjoy it and make his own memories. Now I’m decoration-less.

I want to make some kind of winter/Christmas wall project and have all kinds of ideas, but nothing coalesces… until now.

Embroidery Hoop Craft from Polka Dot Chair

This morning Melissa Mortenson at Polka Dot Chair shared this cute embroidery hoop tutorial with a Winnie the Pooh/Back to School theme. So darling! Immediately my ideas started flowing. I love getting inspired when I see the talent of others.

Here are some ideas I have.

  • For the text-on-fabric background:
    • Winter theme: Christmas carol
    • Thanksgiving theme: A prayer or scripture
    • School spirit theme: The school’s fight song
    • Baby’s room: Nursery poem or lullaby
    • Halloween: Spooky story, heck, make one up!
    • Wedding: Vows, “Do you take…”
  • For the felt cut-outs and embellishments:
    • Blue and white snow flakes
    • Triangle pine trees
    • Creepy oak tree silhouette
    • Bats, ghosts, tombstones
    • Cornucopia with fruit spilling out
    • Soccer balls, footballs, basketballs
    • Colorful leaves
    • Springtime flowers
    • Wedding bells
    • Lace for a Victorian look
    • 1/8″ ribbon with glue-gunned trinkets on the end

Once one idea comes to mind, others will soon follow.

Now if I only had an ink-jet printer with ink. I need to buy some ink jet cartridges.  I always use my color laser printer and when I want to use the ink-jet, the ink is all dried up.

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Click here to visit Melissa’s tutorial for making this cute project.

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