DIY Dishwasher Tablets

homemade dishwasher tablets

I made these DIY dishwasher tablets from a recipe found on Pinterest. I have two words for it: EPIC FAIL It was the borax, Epsom salts, lemon juice recipe. This is the one I followed. I scooped the “dough” into level tablespoons and slid them onto plastic wrap with a silicone spatula. The held their shape amazingly well. PROS:

  1. Easy to make
  2. Set and molded up very nicely
  3. Dried hard as a rock


  1. They SUCK

Save your money and don’t do this project. I didn’t do anything different than what I normally do when I use a commercial brand of dishwasher liquid gel. After the wash, I opened the door and questioned whether or not I had forgotten to turn the machine on. The dishes felt greasy and all the stuck on food residue was still on the dishes. Even the silverware felt unwashed. RECOMMENDATION: I went back to my never-fail Target Up and Up lemon scented dishwasher gel. Leaves the dishes sparkling clean and removes food stuck-on residue.

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