Disappearing 9-Patch Variation

Window Pane Disappearing 9-Patch Quilt Block

The Disappearing 9-Patch block is so much fun and super easy to make and that’s Sew Quickly, baby! It’s perfect for making a quick baby quilt or an attractive charity quilt. Using pre-cuts like charm packs makes it super fast to stitch together. Sew nine blocks together to make a 9-patch, cut vertically down the middle, then horizontally across the middle and you’ve instantly got four blocks that can be twisted and turned.

It’s a very versatile set of blocks because there are no rules for fabric selection. Just go crazy with it.

  • Keep it one theme by using charm packs or coordinated yardage.
  • Make I-Spy quilts for kids.
  • It’s the ultimate stash buster.
  • Stick with a limited color palette like whites, grays and blacks, but use red or yellow for the center block.
  • Florals, calicos, kids prints create traditional baby quilts.
  • While geometrics, solids, dots, stripes make modern versions.

I haven’t even begun to chip away the my list of ideas. Do you ever want to make them all and all at once? I can’t stop. I was looking around my sewing area one day and was commenting on how many UFOs I had. My 10 yr old grandson asked me what a UFO was. I told him it was an unfinished fabric object. Later on that day he caught me fiddling around with some fabric and had the nerve to ask me if I was making another UFO. So I grabbed him and gave him some “buscha-buschas” (hugs, kisses, tickling). Secretly, he likes it, but outwardly he pretends to hate it.

Ok, I’m getting off tangent. Jenny Doan from The Missouri Star Quilt Company has a new tutorial for a Window Paned Disappearing 9-Patch. WOW! The sashing between the blocks adds so much dimension. Using a calm color like in quilt on the wall in the video below makes the blocks float. This is one quilt design I will be using in the future for sure.

Thanks, Jenny, for yet another wonderful free quilting tutorial.

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