Cheap Wonder Clips

Cheap Wonder Clips for quilt binding

Wonder Clips are my best friend when binding quilts, mug rugs and pot holders. I also use them for joining pieces when knitting sweaters.  No more straight pins for me. They REALLY hold the fabric tight, even all those layers. No more pin pokes or bent pins.

And if you need to use them at the sewing machine, the bottom of the clip is flat so there is no tipping or wobbling.

If you’re going to bind a quilt you’ll need a lot of them, but have you seen the price of them at Joann’s? They want $59.99 for 100!  Or if you want to get just a few and then move them around as needed, you’ll pay a whopping $16.99 for 12 or $7.49 for 10.

Are you kidding me?!

I got 100 Wonder Clips for only $7.99 on Amazon.  Do the math:  $59.99 vs $7.99.

If you need jumbo ones there is a pack of 50 clips, too.

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