Does ebates really give you money back?

Combining ebates and Amazon Prime has been a match made in shopping heaven for me. If you shop online, you might buy from the same sites over and over like I do. My Amazon Prime account is my go to site, but, I don’t always take for granted that Amazon has the lowest prices. I absolutely do shop around. Other sites may have lower prices, but pay attention to their shipping charges.  What may […] Continue Reading…

Cheap Wonder Clips

Cheap Wonder Clips for quilt binding

Wonder Clips are my best friend when binding quilts, mug rugs and pot holders. I also use them for joining pieces when knitting sweaters.  No more straight pins for me. They REALLY hold the fabric tight, even all those layers. No more pin pokes or bent pins.

And if you need to use them at the sewing machine, the bottom of the clip is flat so there is no tipping or wobbling.

If you’re going to […] Continue Reading…

Easy Top-Down Knitting Patterns

I can’t begin to tell you how many countless hours of searching for knitting patterns I’ve spent.  I want a cardigan pattern with a simple, clean design so I can add my own interesting details like a vertical row of plait, cable or something else.  I also what the option of a crew neck or V-neck.  Oh, and it’s got to be for worsted weight yarn.  Do you think I could find something that I […] Continue Reading…

Homemade Sauerkraut How-To

I have to admit, I really suck in the kitchen.  However, my first attempt at making homemade sauerkraut was a hit, like a Pinterest worthy hit.  In fact, I’m going to make another batch today.


Large head of cabbage
Kosher or canning/pickling salt. NOT table salt.

Cut the cabbage into quarters. Remove the tough center core.
Shred the cabbage into thin slices using a mandolin slicer, food slicer or sharp butcher knife.
Set a kitchen scale […] Continue Reading…

Knitting and Crochet Random Stripe Generator

Randomly generate stripes for knitting and crochet projects.

I love it when I discover new things online that I haven’t seen before and this is one of those things… the Random Stripe Generator for knitting and crocheting.

You reach a point in your life where the floor around your Lazy Boy recliner is covered with every imaginable color of yarn left over from various projects (or intentionally purchased for your stash). What’s a girl to do? Mix it all up and make something […] Continue Reading…

DIY Beaded Suncatcher

Beaded Suncatcher

This DIY suncatcher was simple to make with a thrifted Goodwill wire basket.  I see those baskets from time to time and I’m glad I grabbed it.  Look for some type of object that has plenty of places to hang the beaded strands from.  I also put another thing in the middle of it.  Don’t know what it is.  Some kind of plastic flower looking thing.  GW had a gang of them so I […] Continue Reading…

Sprint LG G2 Clock is Behind

LG G2 Phone

Every now and then, my Sprint LG G2 clock loses minutes. The alarm goes off and already I’m starting my day late. I finally figured out why it happens.

The other day my battery was dead. All the way dead. So dead the phone turned off. Luckily it happened right after the alarm went off.  Thank you for waiting! After I charged it, I noticed the clock lost five minutes.

Here’s how to reset it.

Go to Settings
Scroll down to the […] Continue Reading…

Knitting Cardigans For a Change

shapely boyfriend cardigan

I haven’t touched my sewing machine(s) in months.  Then Christmas came and I had to make room for the tree, so I put it all away.  My “sewing station” has been up for about four years in the middle of my living/dining room.  I go through phases that last several years at a time.

My new phase is knitting.  I love to wear cardigan sweaters at work and thought I’d try my hand at making one.  […] Continue Reading…

Android Alarm Clock Didn’t Go Off Again

Android alarm clock didn't go off

I have an LG G2 cellphone and I love it, however this morning was the second time my alarm didn’t go off.  I did some Googling about it and this time hit the jackpot.  Long story short, I had used the Advanced Task Killer app to kill a bunch of apps just before I went to bed.  It killed the alarm app, too.

Short story long, unless you’re running apps that are poorly coded, Android apps […] Continue Reading…

Free Craftsy Classes

Free Craftsy Classes

Have you ever taken a class from Craftsy? I’ve purchased several of them and I’ve always learned new things. My favorite one was Anita Grossman Solomon’s class. She makes complex blocks so simple with just a few slices. Here’s the post I did after I took the class.

Going on through August 27, 2014, there is a list of 35 FREE Craftsy Classes. Just like the paid versions, these free classes are high quality tutorials. If you’ve […] Continue Reading…